What you can delegate to a VA? – Personal errands

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What you can delegate to a VA? – Personal errands


A virtual assistant can perform your tasks with utmost care and perfection. You can delegate those tasks which do not require your presence to your virtual assistant, while you can concentrate on the bigger picture. We saw how a virtual assistant can add value in official chores like admin tasks, e-mail management and so on. Today, we will check out how a virtual assistant can cover your personal errands:

  1. Purchasing gift for your family member/ friend/ loved one
  2. Recommending gift for any occasion
  3. Wake-up calls with local weather and traffic report
  4. Calling service-specific companies to arrange for repairs
  5. Fix an appointment at the saloon or spa
  6. Ordering flowers for your spouse/loved one
  7. Reading bedtime stories to your children
  8. Find out the best deals on any gadgets/electronics and so on
  9. Get driving directions
  10. Garnering information on the holiday destination
  11. Calling your spouse while you are in the flight, to tell you miss them
  12. Ordering groceries at scheduled intervals
  13. Book restaurant tables for you, buy the tickets to events you want to go
  14. Schedule a pick-up for dry cleaning or laundry
  15. Arrange maid service/baby sitter
  16. Arrange rental car services
  17. Travel management
  18. Calling your friend abroad to wish them on their birthday
  19. Calling the bank/credit card company to report lost card or an unwanted transaction
  20. Arrange a locksmith in case of lockout

A virtual assistant can help in many more such personal errands.  A virtual assistant might not be able to bring you piping hot Italian pizza or your morning newspaper. But, they can direct you towards the best Italian restaurant and get the latest news for you from online sources. They do this in the most fast and efficient way possible!

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