What you can delegate to a VA? – Travel management & data management

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What you can delegate to a VA? – Travel management & data management

What you can delegate to a VA? – Travel management & data management

Virtual assistants support you with both your professional and personal chores. They work from a remote location, thus, not adding on to your overhead costs. They can do a variety of tasks like administrative chores, act as a virtual receptionist, and manage your social media profiles and so on. Today, we will see how delegating travel management and data management services to your virtual assistant are helpful in attaining life balance.

  • Travel management services: If your work requires traveling frequently, looking up deals on flights and hotels is a time consuming activity. You can outsource this to your virtual assistant, while you focus on practicing the important presentation that needs to be made at the meeting. Your virtual assistant can source you the best deals on flights, hotels, car hires, and transfers and so on instead of you running through tons of travel websites that are currently available. Once you share the requirement with your virtual assistant you can consider it done.
  • Data management services: For all kind of data management services, hiring a virtual assistant would be the best deal. Want to know how? Take a look at the below scenario:

You have loads of business cards piled up from the time you began your business. You have information that needs to be entered in the contact database; you want to use mail merge or an email marketing software and create a marketing campaign. Instead of you focusing on all this, you can outsource to a virtual assistant. Click (Photograph), fax, scan or mail the business cards copies to your virtual assistant, and bingo, your job is done! Similarly, for the other tasks, you can brief the virtual assistant on what needs to be done, and it would be done.

  • Taking down minutes of a meeting: Wondering how minutes of the meeting can be taken down by a virtual assistant? You can include your virtual assistant in your meetings via technology like Skype or GoTo Meeting, and consider your minutes taken. You can even email the recording of a meeting to him if it’s a face to face meeting. Worrying about the transcription? Your virtual assistant has the skill and equipment to get the job done for you. So, you no more have to worry about taking down minutes of a meeting!

A virtual assistant can perform these tasks and much more. In the upcoming blogs, we will check out on other tasks that we can outsource to virtual assistants.

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