What’s the Matter with Silent Social Media Followers?

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What’s the Matter with Silent Social Media Followers?


And How to Get Them Out of Their Hiding

Only 30% of your social media audience generate 90% of your social media engagement.

So what are the rest 70% of your social media followers up to? Are your posts invisible to them or worse, irrelevant? Well, one thing is for sure – just because a majority of your audience is not liking, commenting, or sharing your posts, doesn’t mean they don’t READ them, LIKE them, or that it impacts their BUYING pattern from you.

Good news, right? A joint research by Facebook and Stanford revealed that the size of a brand’s actual social media following is 4 times larger than what analytics show.

5 Tips to Engage Your Silent Social Media Audience

#1 Find where your invisible audience is hiding:  Sharing isn’t confined to the traditional social media platforms – the type that happens outside them is called ‘dark social’. Traditional sharing excludes the numbers from email, instant messenger, etc. and only takes into account Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the likes. However, statistics show that the size of invisible audience is lower on email and texting mobile applications like WhatsApp than it is on social media. To get your invisible audience to come out of their hiding, engage with them on channels of their preference.

#2 Be consistent with your social media updates: Lack of engagement prompting you to think you might be over-posting on social media platforms? Don’t even go that way. Because as we told you, your actual audience size per post is much larger than you think. Having a consistent schedule of posting share-worthy, relevant content is likely to keep your audience primed to hear from you. Out of sight is out of mind – that too, very quickly in today’s aggressive social media scenario.

#3 Don’t broadcast – be specific, listen, and then engage: Social media is not TV and there’s no reason why you should use it like one. Instead of broadcasting your message to a large audience, be specific about whom you want to talk to by narrowing your focus to a specific audience set. Segment your audience, listen to what each segment is saying by paying attention to their social media conversations, craft messages and stories that will resonate with your audience, and then invite participation from them.

#4 Show your personality: Nobody wants to engage with a robot – find ways to make your content more personal and touching. Link current world happenings with what you have to say, use more visual content, videos, and always keep a positive tone of voice. It is sure to touch a chord with your audience.

#5 A great deal almost always works: A relevant promotion done the right way can pull even the most social media introvert out of their hiding and get them going after it. Remember not to sound too sales-ey and not to lose sight of the customer once you have them out of hiding and participating.

The bottom rule – always consider the invisible audience and be their voice when posting on social media platforms. They are out there and in much larger numbers than we know.

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  • Bianca

    Interesting. I have always had trouble bringing engagement even enough followers are there.. good read here some pretty cool take aways thanks!

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