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Who can utilize a VA? – Event Planners

This week, we have a series of blog posts that would educate us on who can actually utilize a virtual assistant. We started with how virtual assistants can help artists, and today, we will see a concise on how virtual assistants can assist event planners.

Event planning and managing is a tedious task. Researching venues, contacting the caterers, communicating with different vendors, managing registration and so on, the list never ends when it comes to event planning.  The most important aspect to a successful relationship with a virtual assistant is clearly communicating your needs and expectations through the medium in which you communicate.

Given below are few ways though which a virtual assistant can assist an event planner:

  1. Calendar management: Your virtual assistant can manage, schedule as well as confirm appointments for you.
  2. E-mail: This one takes a long time! Yes, particularly, for a creative profession like yours, wasting time on these things would not be advisable. Once you authorize, your virtual assistant would screen and respond messages accordingly. Also, those that need your direct attention will be notified to you directly.
  3. Research: This is an important aspect when it comes to event planning. Leave to the virtual assistant to source venues, vendors, transportation options, entertainment, and gift items and so on.
  4. Travel: The entire travel management schedule for the event can be handled by a virtual assistant.
  5. Budgeting: The responsibility of the financial segment can be handed over to a virtual assistant.
  6. Communication: Talking with the vendors, attendees, other incoming and outgoing communication can be handled by a virtual assistant.
  7. Social media: About the event, before and after, and so on can be added and shared on social media by the virtual assistant.
  8. Proofreading: Use your virtual assistant to quickly proofread materials and graphics that are required for the event.

This is just a gist of how a virtual assistant can help event planners. In the upcoming blog post, we will see as to how musicians are benefited from virtual assistants.

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