Who can utilize a VA? – Photographers

//Who can utilize a VA? – Photographers

Who can utilize a VA? – Photographers

Virtual assistants are a helping hand to creative professionals. The main reason why people in professions that induce creativity need to have virtual assistants are that they can focus on their passion. So, for artists, event planners and musicians, we saw how a virtual assistant is helpful. Let us today focus on how a photographer can be assisted by a virtual assistant.

  1. Email management: This one is quite common amongst the creative professionals. You can hire a virtual assistant and set them guidelines on what emails to be forwarded to you, and what can be followed by them.
  2. Blog: Blogging is not easy job. It requires time to prepare the topic, research, stylize it accordingly, and promote it on social media. If you are going to spend about one hour on these tasks, then it is an actual waste of time for your creative profession. A virtual assistant can do it for you, saving that one hour!
  3. Online research: Admit it or not, we love surfing the net. But, doing it at the cost of our profession is a big no. So, what can we do when it comes to online research like looking for a workshop or training, equipment review, upgrade, background information about client, and so on? A virtual assistant is the best answer. They would help you with the online research and give you within minutes the answer you are looking.
  4. Client retention: Keeping a constant follow-up with your clients is important. A virtual assistant can keep this relationship strong by sending thank you notes, booking gifts or just keeping in touch with them.
  5. Deadlines and schedules: Even the most organized person can miss a schedule due to his or her negligence. That is why, it is easier if a virtual assistant is present, and who can manage your schedules on your behalf.
  6. Social media & website: A virtual assistant can handle your social media marketing to help you build the brand. Also, updating your portfolio on the website, constant updating about other events and so on the website can be handled by a virtual assistant.

Apart from this, the virtual assistants can also help photographers through various other means. In the upcoming blog, we will check out as to how students can utilize a virtual assistant.

Photo Credits: Juzaphoto.com

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