Who can utilize a Virtual Assistant – Artists

//Who can utilize a Virtual Assistant – Artists

Who can utilize a Virtual Assistant – Artists


Artists are people who visualize and create the world around them. Since being an artist is a creative job, organizing the technical part of your business can be left to a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants enable artists by managing their business particulars, be it tedious travel management or complete event management or coordinating with the sponsors.

  1. Research: a virtual assistant can research and compile all of the information you need to know about different galleries.
  2. Alerts: When you have a deadline approaching, virtual assistant stay on toes and alert you. A virtual assistant is best when you need to be reminded of things well ahead of time.
  3. Finding a photographer: As an artist, preserving your art would be the biggest concern. Your virtual assistant can help you find a good professional photograph to safeguard your works.
  4. Print medium help: A virtual assistant can help you create brochures, business cards, or any other such printed material for your business or any show.
  5. Promotions: if you still believe traditional methods would work, you are on the wrong track. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and so on must be fully utilized for a successful business. Virtual assistant can help you with lot of promotional activities on all kind of social media.
  6. Shipping your artwork: If you have to ship an artwork to a customer or to somebody else, you can leave the job to a virtual assistant. It would be carefully shipped to the concerned person.
  7. Art supplies or office needs: Sometimes, you might run out of art supplies or other office needs. Instead of you running about to get the supplies, get assistance from your virtual assistant. Your materials will come to you at ease!
  8. Coordinating with sponsors: A virtual assistant comes in handy when you need to coordinate with sponsors for your upcoming show.
  9. Travel management: To manage your hectic travel schedule, a virtual assistant can be the best option.
  10. Email management: Checking and responding to mails can take a long time. That is why, if you let the task of email management to a virtual assistant, you can concentrate on other important tasks.
  11. Sundry & personal tasks: If you have any personal tasks or sundry chores that can be delegated, virtual assistant is the best option.
  12. Event management: Managing your event completely, right from the venue options, hosting, menu, and so on, can be easily done by a virtual assistant.

Not just this, hiring a virtual assistant can help you focus on your passion while your business is taken care of! In the upcoming blog post, we will see as to how event planners can utilize a virtual assistant.

Photo credit: Ben Heine.

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