How to provide exceptional live chat support on your website

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How to provide exceptional live chat support on your website

Why outsource your live chat service Five compelling reasons!

We live in the NOW economy, meaning everything from customer interactions to products, services, and even experiences are instant. More than 51% of consumers today want businesses to not just be available 24×7 but also meaningfully engaging and that’s where the importance of Live Chat comes in. But wait, the keyword is ‘meaningful’ which means you cannot just deploy chat bots, sit back, and expect great customer service to be delivered.

You need live agents that are human, can take real time decisions, and can empathize with customers in case of product/service failure or faults, late delivery, returns, etc. Forrester Research recently found that as much as 44% of online buyers believed having a live agent answer their questions through chat while making a purchase was among a website’s most important features. For start-ups and small businesses though, maintaining 24×7 customer service can mean heavy expenditure and that’s the reason live chat outsourcing is emerging as a compelling option.

Here are five key reasons to outsource live chat:

#1 Always-on availability: Customers hate waiting and that’s one of the biggest selling points for live chat – its ready availability.  79% of customers say that they prefer live chat because of the immediacy it provides – they can go about their business without the trouble of being on hold. With experienced live chat operators, most issues get resolved in about 42 seconds, making it a great time saver for customers and companies alike.

#2 Dedicated and specialized expertise at your disposal: Think of live chat operators as your front-end brand ambassadors. Now imagine the kind of customer service they’d deliver if they are professionally untrained, unfamiliar with your products/services/industry in general, or lack the communication skills and expertise required to engage with people in real-time to influence customer behavior. Outsourcing live chat to experienced professionals can spell the difference between average and exceptional customer service and frankly, average is no good given today’s hyper-competitive markets.

#3 Superior cost-benefit advantages: Freedom from fixed salaries, employee benefits, office space, recruitment costs, training and development expenses are just some of the upfront advantages you get by outsourcing live chat service. The indirect benefits that come from freeing your workforce from the extra burden of managing live chat and letting them focus on their core competencies instead can run into billions of dollars in cost savings and new opportunities captured.

#4 Robust live chat analytics and reporting: Whether its in-app live chat or on the website, you need accurate and real time analytics to monitor and measure your live chat agent metrics, customer engagement score, etc. to make data-driven decisions for superior customer service. Deploying analytics tools and technologies in-house can get expensive and outsourcing live chat service to experienced providers not only saves the technology infrastructure cost but also gets you resources that are well-versed in using those systems.

#5 Access to industry best practices and methodologies: There is a science behind live chat and leveraging experienced outsourced providers ensures you get it right. With vast cross-industry experience, outsourced live chat operators are able to apply learnings gained from various client experiences to constantly improvise their customer interaction strategies. This helps improve your live chat results, besides making the medium a vital channel to capture customer trends, behavior patterns, intent data, customer personas, etc.

Habiliss provides live chat services for a vast range of industries, regardless of the scale of business. Ping us on our website live chat to know more about how we can help you elevate your customer service to the next level.

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