Why Outsource your Social Media Management to the Experts? 7 Compelling Reasons!

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Why Outsource your Social Media Management to the Experts? 7 Compelling Reasons!


If we were to tell you that social media is critical for your business and that its trends change almost every day, you’d be yelling – “Tell me something I don’t know already!” The actual revelation here is that social media is now the #1 activity on web – yes, it has surpassed porn that enjoyed the top spot before, indicating a huge shift in the way people engage. Speaking of marketing budgets, social media dominates here too and is expected to account for 24% of marketing dollars by 2020.

Numbers aside, the sheer growth in social media channels is explosive – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. the list is endless. Managing one channel takes up several hours a day, let alone many. However, a strong and consistent social media presence is a critical requirement to stay relevant, competitive, and close to your customers in their moments of purchase. Outsourcing social media management has a strong case to it and here are 7 concrete supporting reasons.

#1 Time saving: Social media management is a 24×7 job unlike other promotional campaigns that have a shelf life. A picture here, a tweet there, and a stray Facebook post does not count as social media marketing. As a busy professional, you are unlikely to have the time to prepare a sound social media strategy, implement, and optimize the same regularly. Hunting and hiring the right full time employees can be time consuming – instead why not outsource the task and leverage the competence of social media experts. It is, truly, value for money.

#2 Cost saving: Hiring a full time social media management team means more office space, equipment cost, electricity consumption, besides other employee benefits like transportation, leave allowances, bonuses, etc. that you are liable to pay. Hiring an agency of social media experts can save you all these costs and guarantees 24×7 monitoring unlike in the case of employees who only work fixed hours.

#3 Expertise at its best: Staying up-to-date on latest social media trends is imperative to strike the right chord with the audience and derive maximum value from your campaigns. Outsourcing social media management to an agency is usually the best way to leverage the talent of social media experts who are well-versed in crafting share worthy content, know ideal times to post, can optimize campaigns as needed, ensure consistency, and track real-time performance.

#4 Realizing ROI from social media: 60% of marketers say ‘measuring ROI’ is one of their top three social media marketing challenges. This is where the social media experts come in. Outsourcing your social media management to an agency increases accountability and most top firms house advanced-analytics professionals who can mine real-time data from social platforms to derive actionable business insights. Agencies are also good at competitor analysis owing to their knowledge of the larger social media landscape.

#5 Personalized content: Social media requires personalized content – one that can hit a chord with the audience without taking too much of their time. While you may have an in-house content person to handle your website and internal communications, social media experts could be your best bet when it comes to creating personalized social content. Creating monthly content calendars for blogs, social media posts, and other web channels while optimizing the content strategy as and when required, are some of the hallmarks of a good social media management agency.

#6 Creating the right brand value: Social media is a means to build your brand perception, voice, look, and other aspects of branding as a virtue of the sheer exposure it allows. Social media experts have the right skills, network with influencers/advertisers/publishers, and experience in shaping brand strategy in the right direction.

#7 Integrating social media with business: Your social media efforts cannot work in isolation – they must be integrated with the wider business goals to achieve the desired success. Outsourcing social media management to experts who understand your requirements, ensures your social media campaigns incorporate short-term and long-term business goals and track the same. It also gives your business access to a wider client base.

Let the social media experts tick this item off your list so you can focus on the most important goal – driving business profitability

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