Why outsourcing SEO is more beneficial than DIY-ing it

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Why outsourcing SEO is more beneficial than DIY-ing it

Why outsourcing SEO is more beneficial than DIY-ing it

Outsourcing has long moved beyond being a buzzword to a critical business reality. Speaking of digital marketing, outsourcing search engine optimization (SEO) forms a critical part of a company’s strategy. According to Hubshout’s 2017 marketing trends survey, firms spend 30% of their online marketing budget on SEO, of which 68% of companies outsource their SEO to trusted experts.

Here we explore five key reasons why outsourcing SEO is better than DIY-ing it:

#1 Matching pace with evolving SEO trends requires serious time and effort: It’s no secret – Google has openly announced that it will change its search algorithm 500-600 times each year. Now imagine if you were to do your SEO in-house, how many man-hours and resources you’d need to keep up with the search giant’s diktats! And Google is not the only search engine you should be optimizing for – there’s China’s Baidu, Bing, and more in the pipeline.

#2 High volume of high quality content is required to do SEO right: ‘The more the merrier’ certainly holds good when it comes to content and generating leads from it. But the keyword here is ’strategy’ – the best of content can go unnoticed if your content marketing strategy does not involve SEO and vice versa. Companies that blog 20 times more, have over 400 indexed pages, and 31 landing pages are found to be the best performing ones in terms of SEO returns  than those whose content marketing efforts are less in volume. The bottom-line – generating high volume of high quality content is best left to the experts.

#3 Link earning is also a form of link building: Yes, link building has earned a band rap for itself, thanks to all the Penguin penalties in recent years but while most companies know that it’s better to ‘earn’ links through genuine efforts than build them through spammy methods, most fail to recognize that even earning links requires building & monitoring your link profile, identifying & weeding out risky links your brad may have unintentionally acquired, which may lead to loss of organic traffic. Now, more than ever, brads need a SEO expert to ensure their efforts are directed right.

#4 Technical SEO expertise & analytics is most important today: There’s no dearth of SEO technicalities today – page load time, code quality, semantic mark-up, SEO audit, architecture, etc. What one needs is to filter out the high-impact items from the never-ending stack ad needless to say, it requires solid expertise, knowledge of industry trends and best practices, and consistency. Outsourcing SEO to a reputed agency ensures cross-client expertise at your disposal.

#5 Benefits far outweigh the costs: Worried about the costs of outsourcing SEO services? We assure you that through increased volume and quality of traffic, better insights around website optimization & user preferences & overall improved search rankings, outsourcing SEO does much more for your business than just paying for itself.

Habiliss’ Virtual Assistants offer expert and comprehensive SEO services tailored to meet our clients’ unique business needs, helping them achieve short-term and long-term objectives with complete transparency. Know more about our SEO services or contact us now for a customized SEO strategy.

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  • Luke Wyatt

    I run my own design firm and as an aspiring entrepreneur I’m always keen to learn new stuff. I would put my head into anything interesting that I stumble upon online. SEO is always fun to learn, adding back-links and how content works, but as a business owner I neither do all that by myself nor I can afford to hire a an employee for that. Recruiting & hiring expenses, training, HR management and the list goes on and on. And that’s where an virtual expert comes in, the one who has vast knowledge and has an expertise of years.

  • william

    I was amazed by the work done by you guys. Initially I had lot of questions on your skills. After 2 months, I am happy that I took right decision.

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