What women REALLY want for Valentine’s Day – Decoding the Mystery

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What women REALLY want for Valentine’s Day – Decoding the Mystery

What women REALLY want for Valentine’s Day – Decoding the Mystery

Men, most of them anyway, have this long standing and totally confusing question – what do women want? And during this time of the year, there arises a slightly complicated variation of the same question – what do women really want for V-day? This has perhaps left a few sleepless and frustrated too.

You have probably already tried gifting your girl flowers, chocolates and champagne, in that order. You may prefer playing it safe but you are, in fact, missing out on some really cool things that your lady ‘actually’ wants. There may be many things that a woman wants in general, but for the special day her desires are a lot less expensive than you think.

So can you impress your lady love without robbing a bank? Yes, you can! Here are some not-so-expensive but every-bit-awesome gift options for women.

Did you know that the 2018 Valentine’s Day spending may reach $20 Billion? U.S. consumers are expected to spend an average $143.56 on Valentine’s Day as 55 percent of the population celebrates this year, an increase from last year’s $136.57, according to the annual survey by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics

A Fun Experience

Have you two been thinking of taking a road trip or a romantic holiday but kept pushing it back due to other commitments? Here’s your chance to make it happen. Even if it is just a small weekend getaway, drive to some place nice (on a Harley Davidson if she prefers) and surprise her with a handmade card or some simple everyday jewelry when you reach your destination.

If she is curious about arts, crafts, Zumba or air aerobics, it might be a great idea to give these hobbies a try. Even if you are not into the thing, just tagging along for a while will make her feel super special.

If you agree with our proposition that your girl deserves a little pampering, gift her day trip to the spa or a bath bomb collection or just some nice bubble bath. I’m yet to meet a woman that wouldn’t want a back massage. And what better way to get intimate?

For the Fitness Freak Girlfriend

Speaking of Zumba, if your girlfriend is a fitness conscious person, here are some really cool gift options that she could put to good use. Besides these gifts, you can also win her love by hitting the gym with her or making it a morning ritual to run a few miles with her. It will go a long way, pun intended.

Supplies for Her Favorite Hobby

This one will get you an A+ for being a thoughtful boyfriend. If your lady is into art, craft and painting, a gift card to her favorite craft store might really make her happy. You could also buy the stuff she needs based on a quick inventory check of her craft supplies. On the face of it, this may seem impersonal, but trust us, she’ll appreciate how useful the gift was. What’s better is that she’ll know that you encourage her to continue doing things, and surround herself with artwork projects that make her happy.

Get off that phone. Stack away your laptop. Switch off the TV!

Psst.. You can always watch the reruns. Pay attention to her. She likes it. Spend some quality time with her. Be smart. When you say, “You know what, our colleagues were going to this bar for a few drinks but I thought I’d rather be with you”. Just don’t add “Because my stupid boss was going too and I hate him”. Show her you pick her over all of them, that she is your priority. When you do that, even a normal movie watching session can get super fun.

According to Entrepreneur.com, here’s what an average American spends on V-day:

A dozen roses — $41.66

A heart-shaped box of chocolates — $15.11

Fine dining for two — $80.46

A bottle of champagne — $51.54

Diamond earrings — $323.26

Set her Free

What if she is busy, you ask? Well then you’ll have to be the knight in the shining armor and free her from the shackles of work/chores/errands.  She may have after work engagements, longish client meetings, and some errands to run or personal commitments that keep her busy all through the day. Gift her a one-month assistant who can handle all her mundane business and personal tasks and liberate her from the vicious cycle of ‘office work-household chores’. Virtual Assistants help accomplish a wide range of professional and personal functions and thus help you achieve work life balance. You wouldn’t want your love interest worrying about all the work she has to finish after your dinner date.

The Final Word

Valentine’s Day need not just be a ‘Hallmark’ holiday or an excuse to splurge money to show love. It is a wonderful opportunity to create rituals of your own that can create moments you’ll cherish for years to come. You can do small, regular, large or extra-large things for each other but the focus ought to be on spending good time together. Give her time, attention and love – the last time I checked no woman said ‘NO’ to them.

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  • Lissa Elliot

    That’s true. I remember many valentines days in my life and safeguarded them in my memories. I like the concept of gifting an assistant.

  • Julia Getsy

    Setting free is a biggest gift for busy moms like me. One day in a year out of cooking, shopping, cleaning, etc.. means a lot to me…

  • Fianna Joseph

    A very good read and I loved it! Especially the week end getaway on a Harley Davidson with your partner and I was wondering what my boy friend is going to present me for this valentines day am very much excited
    about it. Hope this article will help him out.

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