Work-Life Balance for Consultants – Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow?

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Do you know why people still love to believe in genies? Because we really need them! We need them to help us finish tough tasks and even the simple ones. Business consultants are no different. From real estate to marketing to healthcare to wine industry, most consulting jobs demand a tremendous amount of commitment to work.

The fast-paced and intense environment of such a career takes its toll on those working in the industry. Most of the consultants are expected to conform to the workplace culture or feel obliged to put in extra hours. The outcome? A thoroughly messed up work-life balance.

Why work-life balance is important

For Lesser Susceptibility to burnouts

The Help Guide says burnouts occur “when you feel overwhelmed and unable to meet constant demands”. The adverse effect of a burnout impacts your personal and social life. When you separate work and home, the stress of work stays at work. By allowing the work stress to follow you home, you are rocking the boat of work-life balance. Maintain the balance to avoid burnouts.

For giving attention where it is due

Imagine this. You’ve left work and are home on time (to the utter surprise of your family). You can take your daughter to ballet classes or cheer the boys at their soccer game or even take out your spouse/special one for a dinner some place nice. By focusing your attention on to your near and dear ones during non-working hours, you are living and giving a quality life. In turn, this makes you a more focused and efficient worker.

For fewer health problems

Logic 101 says when we are tired, stressed and worn out, our immune system suffers and consequently affects our overall health and wellbeing. The health condition could be a simple (yet annoying) flu or a more serious health problem such as digestive or respiratory ailments. Take time to look after your health by eating right, exercising and relaxing. Work-life balance helps you stay fit and be more efficient at work.

Why Consultants need Virtual Assistance

Coming back to our genies, most consultants perhaps secretly wish to have one. Juggling multiple tasks, handling both professional and personal roles, and getting through with the day can be very tiring and tedious.  Hiring an in-house assistant is often expensive. A Virtual Assistant is the most practical and cost-effective solution.

Here are the top benefits for a consultant in hiring a virtual assistant:

No office equipment or work desk needed

A virtual assistant already has the equipment required to take care of your business and administrative tasks. This means you don’t have to spend anything on the physical space, office stationery and equipment.

Cost effective resource

A Virtual Assistant saves money in more ways than one. Apart from the office space and infrastructure, you also save money that would have otherwise been spent on salaries, insurance, paid leaves and operations.

Better management of workload

Does the idea of not having to answer your calls or booking appointments interest you? A virtual assistant handles your email efficiently, so you don’t have to worry about replying a client on time. By outsourcing these tasks, you also save time that can be spent on focusing on core business operations and growing your business. Not to mention the time you’ll have for your personal and social engagements.

Better quality of work

When you hire a virtual assistant, you not only get professional expertise in your field but also a fresh perspective that is sometimes much needed. A Virtual Assistant puts in more time into research and provides you deeper insights into your project.

Greater Flexibility + Real-Time Performance Tracking

Let’s face it. It’s not exactly a pleasant experience asking your employee to work late into nights or over weekends. Virtual assistant companies work 24/7 – that’s flexibility for you! And there are right tools in place to monitor their productivity in the real-time too.

Here are some more awesome things a virtual assistant can do for consultants:

1.     They generate apt ideas through Social Media scanning

  1. Give you much needed time to think by taking on essential tasks
  2. Keep you ahead of the curve by following current events, scan news websites and competitive sources for external articles
  3. Help you classify customer feedback by category so you can spot the problem areas and room for improvement
  4. They are usually knowledgeable in various areas of interest and that can help you grow your consultant business stronger

The final word

If you had an extra five hours in your work week, what would you do? The very thought can make some of you jump about in the wildest glee! Studies have shown that an average worker spends about 4.3 hours organizing his work and trying to find things. A virtual assistant helps you handle a myriad of business related tasks – from email management to customer service to social media – you name it, your VA does it!

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  • william

    Yes, when business grows or to make business grow, assistants are needed to work on initial set up. My VA works to my expectations. Thank you.

  • Julia Getsy

    Consultants are the one who provide the right suggestions, but most of the time, they do not realize that they too need a life balance.

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