Work Life balance: how it increases employee satisfaction

//Work Life balance: how it increases employee satisfaction

Work Life balance: how it increases employee satisfaction


Balancing your work as well as life might seem a mighty task. But, in reality, if you perceive things right, it is very simple. Work-life balance being the cynosure topic, we saw an introduction to work-life balance and the importance of the same for increased productivity. Today, we will concise on how work-life balance increases employee satisfaction.

Need for balance:

Surrounding your business with unhappy and people with dissatisfied thoughts would affect the work place in a negative way. When you acknowledge the employee, and answer their needs, then they would invest their quality time in the company which would directly increase the productivity. The psychological definition of work-life balance is the dividing of energy between different spheres like family, friends, work, and so on. Some of us might be happy spending a lot of time on one of these spheres, but maintaining a balance is very important. As an employer, one must find a solution that would allow help balance these elements. Balancing this might be tedious, so an employer can give perks that would help the employees to have a job satisfaction. This would lead to improved balance in life, and also productivity.

Rewards help:

An employee must feel rewarded and appreciated. He or she must not feel let down in a company. We do not live in an era where slave trade is persistent. Every individual demands their space and when the employer gives this, the employee is sure to be loyal to the company. Some examples of this might include, allowing the employee to work from home on certain days of a week, set them realistic targets and goals, and so on. When an employer keeps the meetings short, or not when the employee is leaving home, it brings the level of frustration down for the employee.

Keeping social life intact:

Encourage your team to go on outings, lunch or dinner breaks together. This would help them to bond together and create a better rapport. Help employees to juggle between home and work duties. Sometimes everyone needs to tend to their family responsibilities, and if the employer relaxes rules for the same, employee becomes loyal to them. This reflects in a increasing job satisfaction, better performance and raising the confidence level.

In the upcoming blog, we will glance on the strategies to implement work-life balance in our lives.

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