Work-Life balance: Importance for increased productivity

//Work-Life balance: Importance for increased productivity

Work-Life balance: Importance for increased productivity


Work-life balance is a simple term with a complex meaning. Everyone perceives it in their own self, and there is always a difference when it comes to individuals regarding work-life balance. In the previous blog, we glanced at an introduction to work-life balance, and today we will guide you through how important it is to achieve increased productivity.

To put it in simple terms, work-life balance is to create a thin line between the personal and professional life. Work and life are not two separate spheres, but interaction of integrated moments that happen through the day. This work-life balance is not just a term for busy professionals, but for each and every employee.

The main point to achieve a balance is that the first waking hour of the day should be ‘Your’ time. This can be defined as any point for anybody. It differs from person to person. Some people prefer solitude, while some might prefer spending that time with family. For this, the mandatory requirement is to set an alarm and wake up at that particular time every day. Note that you need to have 3 hours before going to work for yourself and your family. This helps you rejuvenate and thus get prepared for a big task day!

After going to your workplace, do not get distracted. It is hard to work all day long, but it is easier when you set a time-limit and work. Once you have goal and task ready in hand, put a neat to-do list to achieve them. You can set an alarm even at work, and may be give yourself rewards. In simple terms, this means that you can set a time-limit of say 1 hour for work, and 15 minutes for social media. This allows you to work harder to get those 15 minutes, and much to say, also smarter!

Spending time off would refresh your mind, rejuvenate your body and lift your spirits high! In the upcoming blog post, we will give a concise on how work-life balance increases employee satisfaction.

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