Work-Life balance: Introduction

//Work-Life balance: Introduction

Work-Life balance: Introduction

Work Life balance

Work-Life balance is as simple and as complicated as it sounds. Yes, that is how it is. Taking an effort to offer time for family, friends, social life, spiritual growth, self-care and so on along with meeting the demands of the workplace is work-life balance.

When one spends majority of the daytime on work related activities, there is a feeling of stress and unhappiness that occurs. This takes place mostly because they feel they are neglecting the other spheres of life. When an employee pays attention to all the aspects of their lives, they can meet work-life balance, and see an increase in productivity.

One point that needs stress here is that balance does not mean literally dividing it two halves. It means that both, work as well as personal life should get be paid good attention. Many of the companies try to create a work-life balance to the employees by offering flexible work timings, company-sponsored events and outings that involve the family as well, and so on.

Work-life balance does not come in one-size that would fit all. There are a lot of trial and error methods that would work or not work for people depending on their work, personal and social life. However, there are two major components that are on all of us. They are achievement at work, and enjoyment at home. This might sound simple, but is a huge concept all-together.

These keywords should never get mixed up. As soon as one arrives home, it is mandatory to put off the work mode. This would make sure that the personal life is given much more attention. Giving equal importance to family as like given to work creates a smooth environment. These are simple concepts, and with time, one can surely meet the point of balance.

In the upcoming blog, we will discuss on how work-life balance is important for increased productivity.

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