Work-Life balance: strategies to implement

//Work-Life balance: strategies to implement

Work-Life balance: strategies to implement

Strategies to implement

Work and life come hand in hand. But, we often separate them through different chores. When prioritizing on the professional as well as personal chores, we need to place them in the right order to achieve the balance. After glancing on the introduction to work-life balance, importance of the same for increased productivity and how it increases employee satisfaction, today let us brief out few strategies that would help with work-life balance.

  1. Make time for yourself: Work is a part of life, alongside with relationships, health, and spiritual. Make some time for yourself every day. Take half an hour for yourself every day. Connecting with self leads to inspiration, guidance and strength from within.
  2. Work stops within the office premises: Create a mental on and off switch between work and home. Schedule activities that follow after your work hours, like exercising, listening to music, walking your pet or something like that. When these kind of activities are established, a twenty minutes of extra time that you sit at office might be saved!
  3. Work smarter not harder: this is a term which many of us would have heard, but did we implement it? Many of us might not have. When you have a clear purpose and plan for the day, then with right time management skills, you can save almost an hour a day.
  4. Use technology to your fullest: Right from alarms until reminder for medications or even any other small activity, there are millions of applications available for the mobile. Download the mobile application that is useful for you so that you can create a good life balance.
  5. Boundaries: this is an important concept when it comes to work-life balance. Set a fair limit on what you can and you will do both at home as well as your work place. Convey this to your team as well as people at home. This would help them to understand what to expect from you, and you can as well have a great life balance!

In the upcoming blog post, we will wind off the series with habits of people who achieved work-life balance!

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  • Priscilla

    The perfect balance. Feeling relieved.

  • Christel Brader

    That’s truly a valuable post. Well done boy.

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