Working smarter, not harder – how to perform better

//Working smarter, not harder – how to perform better

Working smarter, not harder – how to perform better


Working smart and not hard plays a major role in performance. It helps us to increase productivity and deliver better at work. This week, smart working being the cynosure topic, we glanced on a few strategies, tips and tricks and uncommon ways of working smart. Today, we will see how to use smart working to perform better.

  • Attend meetings virtually: If you require traveling to a meeting, this might be an unnecessary physical as well as mental strain. So, in these cases, you can make use of the virtual world. Use video conferencing software to attend meetings. This saves a lot of time and helps perform better.
  • Understand computers better: Smart working generally means making use of the online tools and technology to work faster and accurately. Using hotkeys would be a way of inducing performance rather than using the mouse. Learn the hotkeys that you use in your daily applications, this would make performance much better for you. Download programs that help you use the keyboard for better performance and productivity.
  • Passwords: You might be using a lot of logins and user credentials through the day for various reasons. Usage of password management tool like LastPass lets you speedup work and perform better. This way, you are saved from the task of remembering passwords.
  • Do not open too many tabs: this is one of the mistakes that most of us commit. When you open more than two tabs, you forget after sometime as to why you opened the tab. Also, too much of mess creates a stressful work. Aim for zero tabs, close tabs as and when you finish reading the article or your chore on that page.

These are some of the tips that would help to perform better using smart work strategy. In the upcoming blog, we would deal with time management tips that help you work smarter!

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