Working smarter, not harder – tips to time management

//Working smarter, not harder – tips to time management

Working smarter, not harder – tips to time management

tips to time management

Smart work leads to smart results. Here, we put through a series of benefits of smart work rather than hard work to increase work productivity. We saw strategies, tips and tricks, uncommon ways of smart working and how to utilize it to perform better. Today, our discussion would be on time management tips for working smart.

  1. Get an early start: This is very important when it comes to working smart. When you wake up early, you are a lot fresher than when you wake up sluggish and late. So, get to an early start now.
  2. Sleep for 8 hours: Listen to your body. You know when you do not get enough of sleep. Most of the people need about 8 hours for their bodies and mind to function optimally. Never underestimate the value of sleep.
  3. Devote time entirely for the task: Multi-tasking must be ruled out. Yes, this is really a valid point to be followed. When you want to work smart, never multi-task. Focus on just one of the task and complete it one by one.
  4. Turn key tasks into habits: Do not break key tasks routine. If you are a writer, keep writing something every day.
  5. Time spent on social media: Be wary of this. Not just social media, but gaming, or even using your mobile phone constantly would drain productivity. So, make sure that you do it only at the required break time.
  6. Leave a buffer-time: Do not sit on a task for too long. Keep some buffer time so that you do not feel drained out.

These are some of the time management hacks that would help you work smarter and not harder!

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