Working smarter, not harder – uncommon ways

//Working smarter, not harder – uncommon ways

Working smarter, not harder – uncommon ways


Working smarter is taking up the trend now-a-days. With technology and help in every sphere, working smart has taken over working hard. We picked up a few strategies on working smarter and not harder, saw a few tips and tricks for the same, and today, we will glance uncommon ways to do the same.

  1. Take frequent breaks: Make sure that you write this on top of your desk or wherever visible, so that you go through it every day. Respect the attention span of your brain and act accordingly. Sitting through the day will not increase productivity; instead, getting small breaks would stir up the brain. Even if you are really stuck up in an important work, make sure that you set a timer for 30 minutes or so to take a break. Trust me; this is sure to increase your productivity!
  2. Power nap: This might sound unprofessional, but many of the companies now-a-days have come up with this policy. Have a napping room, where in the employee can take a power nap for at least 15 minutes. The brain is tuned in such a way that it functions better when it sleeps for a shorter duration during the day, and longer duration during the night.
  3. Don’t aim perfection: This may sound contradictory to many of the management principles that we learn. But, here is a point to it. When you aim to get a perfect output for any work you do, it tends to put your brain into extra stress that would just slow down the chore. So, relax and jot points to complete the job, rather than aim for perfection. When you are relaxed, automatically, the brain works better, and the job is done perfectly!
  4. Procrastinate: Yes, this might sound weird! But, it is not. Procrastinate to a certain extent, but do not put off the job till the last minute. You know that there is a lot of time to complete the job, just relax and take advantage of the time there. This gives the brain a cheap thrill of satisfaction!

These are some of the many uncommon ways that you can work smart and not harder. Following blog, we would glance about how to perform better through working smarter and not harder.


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