Your Halloween Planning made Easier with Virtual Assistants

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Your Halloween Planning made Easier with Virtual Assistants

Your Halloween Planning made Easier with Virtual Assistants

The best Halloween parties are those that have the right balance of fun and spookiness – in everything, from decorations to costumes, food, background music, and even the surprises for guests. But planning such a party can be far from fun as there are so many options available for all age groups. At the same time, outsourcing end-to-end planning, logistics, and execution for a Halloween party is as easy as it can be – thank god for the boom of virtual assistants in our technology-led world. See how leveraging virtual assistant services can set you up for a perfect Halloween – sit back, relax, and enjoy the holiday!

#1 Create the guest list and send invites: Whether it is an office or home Halloween party, you need to be clear on how many people will attend – will it just be employees or their families too? Will you be having just your close family members or extended relatives as well? Once the guest list is drawn up, the next step is to create theme-based invites and send them out (via email/SMS/calls) and get confirmations. Having a virtual assistant do all of this can ease significant load off your back – all you need to do is provide contacts and wait on the final list.

#2 Coordinate and order your menu, drinks, as well as decorations: Stores often run out of popular varieties of candies as the Halloween holiday approaches, not to forget, the prices of everything that start soaring by the day. If you have your choice of candy, menu, and drinks sorted (your VA can help you pick the best ones after research), it’s best to be prepared, avoid the long queues, and buy these essential supplies in advance so you can be assured of getting your pick at the best prices. Besides food and drink, décor is a big aspect of getting the Halloween ambience right – get your virtual assistant to research décor themes and ideas in your budget and once you finalize on the choice, your VA can source and order relevant items such as spider webs, pumpkins, balloons, coloured streamers, and probably a lot more innovative stuff we haven’t yet heard of!

#3 Play the right soundtrack: Music is the final touch that completes an ambience and with Halloween, its adds just the right touch of spookiness required. While classics such as Monster Mash, This is Halloween (The Nightmare Before Christmas), Ghostbusters theme, Werewolves of London, etc. are a must-play, you can ask your virtual assistant to look up for new Halloween playlist options and sound effects to get the mix of old and new tracks to rock your party!

#4 Plan fun-filled activities and contests: Depending on your guest list, decide whether your guests would prefer a free-form dance-your-way-through-the-night kind of party or one with well organized and structured activities, talent show, costume contest, Halloween trivia contest, game of charades, etc. Then get your virtual assistant to plan activities accordingly so everyone can enjoy their night, regardless of their age group. This is in fact a kids’ festival, ain’t it? Not really anymore!

#5 Source the right costume: Whether you want to go all out spooky or stick to traditionally recognized icons, themed costumes are a big part of what make Halloween the crazy, fun holiday it is. But kids and adults too can get bored wearing the same costumes year after year. Be it to the sassy weekend party you want to flaunt your style at or a kids’ play area session where your child needs a unique costume. Get your virtual assistant to help you – tell him/her your budget, share style tips, themes you prefer, and let them search creative costume ideas and even source/customize the dress to make sure you stand out from the crowd, without having to endure the big hassle of going costume-hunting!

#6 Research events/places and make your reservations: Not everyone likes to celebrate Halloween with a house party; many like to go pub hopping or to a fancy dinner with friends and family. If you are the out and about soul, get your virtual assistant to compile a list of the most happening events or parties or restaurant specials in your preferred areas. Once you pick your favourites from the list, your virtual assistant can proceed to make reservations, as well as pick and drop arrangements for you.

Whatever way you like to celebrate Halloween, a virtual assistant can help you plan it right, so you get the best of holiday traditions, family time, and ample fun without having to stress yourself over planning it all!

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